I’m a traveller, a thinker and a thorough explorer of wellbeing.

In the space of one year I had my heart broken, was violently attacked in an attempted rape and then suddenly lost my father. It was a difficult year. After experiencing these traumas I was left with very painful emotions to deal with such as anger, severe anxiety and depression (to name a few). These feelings had a massive impact on my behaviour and resulted in aggression, insomnia, negative thought patterns and panic attacks. Because of the shame I associated with these ‘negative’ feelings, I started to avoid many social situations, ultimately comprising the nomadic life I’d become accustomed to.

In order to get my confidence back and resume my explorative lifestyle I decided to approach these traumas like all my other life challenges – with curiosity, determination and the knowledge that the lessons would be worth any pain along the way. With the self awareness I’ve practised through mindfulness, and the critical thinking I’ve learnt from science it’s given me the ability to step out of my emotions and process my traumas with strength and compassion. I am, and will be forever learning and this blog is a sharing of the lessons I’ve learnt along with way.

Complete with quirky sketches based on metaphors that I use to describe emotional situations. It’s also got reviews of mind-body-soul therapies that I’ve tried so you can read up and see whether you want to try them for yourself too. Since working hard to process all these difficult events, I’ve managed to step away from the stories which once anchored me down and I’m now back to working, travelling and living a courageous life. My aim is that this blog inspires those who are going through difficult emotional events, and those who are supporting friends or family who are. These things can be overcome, and eventually you’ll grow from them – make sure you keep believing that.

In January 2017 I published my first book The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book and I currently spend most of my time in Europe running natural self care workshops under my brand Abanico Spa. I still write and I have many more books in me about self care, trauma recovery and my own story; In Search of Compassion. I’m currently trying to get an agent to represent me so if you like my work and know an agent who will too then please send them a link!

I live for new experiences. I’m a big reader and I try not to take life too seriously. But I also don’t beat around the bush or stand for any kind of bullsh*t. This might not be the most politically correct blog you’ve ever read but hopefully, it provokes some thought or at least makes you smile. Enjoy!



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