What is the Impact of Mindfulness in Trauma Recovery?

This week I’ve been in Amed, north Bali, a sleepy little rural village well known for idyllic diving. Whilst here, I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing dives, including a night dive on the USAT Liberty Wreck which houses an abundance of beautiful marine life due to the nutrient rich waters flowing through the lava encrusted wreck.Read More »

How Banter Helps me Deal with Trauma

This week I’m back in Bali and it’s one of those places where it doesn’t quite matter what your plans are because the Universe will just go ahead and do what it wants to do anyway, which for this week is give me good banter – and I’m grateful for it.

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Stop Before You Shame!

Only Smiles Here

I really love TED talks, in fact, I probably have a little bit of an obsession with them but of all the addictions to have it’s actually quite a beneficial one. So, as I sit in my airport hotel, feeling pretty lonely whilst trying to work out the best way to promote my blog I’ve started flicking through some talks and I came across this one by Jon Ronson: When Online Shaming Spirals Out of Control.

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